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The benefits of music are emotionally, mentally and psychologically. Music or meditative music helps make your sensory enviornment more relaxed and can even bring calm to an agitated child.

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  • relax kids
    £15.25 Excl. VAT £18.30 Incl. VAT

    Relax Kids - Princesses

    Children imagine they are the characters in the fairytales and go on relaxing journeys in their mind so enhancing their ...
  • Tranquility
    £9.99 Excl. VAT £11.99 Incl. VAT


    For all eternity the sea endlessly caresses the sandy beach leaving whispering traces of foam and producing a tremendous...
  • Angels
    £9.99 Excl. VAT £11.99 Incl. VAT


    Enjoy your own ethereal sanctuary as this beautiful album combines the subtle nuances of the heavenly realm with joyful,...
  • Bird Song
    £9.99 Excl. VAT £11.99 Incl. VAT

    Bird Song

    Early morning, deep in the countryside, the glorious melodies of songbirds fill the air. Discover your own personal para...
  • Celtic Sunset
    £9.99 Excl. VAT £11.99 Incl. VAT

    Celtic Sunset

    This beautiful album gracefully blends these Celtic melodies to evoke images of an enigmatic place where time stands sti...
  • Heavenly Hawaii
    £9.99 Excl. VAT £11.99 Incl. VAT

    Heavenly Hawaii

    Idyllic Hawaii is nature’s masterpiece. These magnificent compositions of sublime tranquility complemented by the serene...
  • Fairy Garden
    £9.99 Excl. VAT £11.99 Incl. VAT

    Fairy Garden

    Enjoy your visit to the enchanted Fairy Garden and leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and with an inner calm instilled by ...
  • Eternal Forest
    £9.99 Excl. VAT £11.99 Incl. VAT

    Eternal Forest

    Relax and enjoy this visit to the Eternal Forest as the spellbinding sounds of nature and dreamy contemporary music, ens...
  • Rainforest
    £9.99 Excl. VAT £11.99 Incl. VAT


    The stunning and awesome beauty of the rainforest is captured in this evocative recording. The exotic melodies are provi...
  • African Voices
    £9.99 Excl. VAT £11.99 Incl. VAT

    African Voices

    The raw vocals punctuate the rhythmic beat of the music and together they affirm the wonders of this most magnificent co...
  • Guitar By The Sea
    £9.99 Excl. VAT £11.99 Incl. VAT

    Guitar By The Sea

    Stunning classical guitar interpretations enhanced with the relaxing sounds of the sea, the combination is sublime and i...
  • Harp Naturally
    £9.99 Excl. VAT £11.99 Incl. VAT

    Harp Naturally

    Very probably the most relaxing album EVER! The delightfully subtle nuances of Bethan Myfanwy Hughes' solo harp seemingl...

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