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Balance & Movement

Fine motor control develops from gross motor control which means we must support children learning body awareness and how to move their bodies with control and accuracy. These ideal products offer many ways to support the acquisition of good movement skills whilst developing motor skills and co-ordination.

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  • Teeter Popper
    £49.95 Excl. VAT £59.94 Incl. VAT

    Teeter Popper

    Teeter Popper get kids up, active and keeps the moving. Sit on it, lie on it, stand on it to make it Rock, Roll & Pop. ...
  • Mini Stilts
    £72.45 Excl. VAT £86.94 Incl. VAT

    Mini Stilts

    A pair of Mini Stilts specially designed for younger children. The hard rubber handles provide an ideal grip which can b...
  • Floor Surfer
    £69.95 Excl. VAT £83.94 Incl. VAT

    Floor Surfer

    The Floor Surfer encourages play and development of motor skills, combining function and safety. The raised front suppor...
  • Senso Roll
    £31.95 Excl. VAT £38.34 Incl. VAT

    Senso Roll

    The Senso Roll has small bumps allowing a stronger hold and greater tactile stimulation. Have someone roll the Senso Rol...
  • Hopping Sacks
    £31.25 Excl. VAT £37.50 Incl. VAT

    Hopping Sacks

    A set of four different coloured flat bottomed hopping sacks. Made from tough polyester fabric with two reinforced handl...
  • Physio Roll - 550mm
    £39.95 Excl. VAT £47.94 Incl. VAT

    Physio Roll - 550mm

    A large sausage-shaped ball which limits movement to forward and backward rotation. The 'saddle' provides stability. Use...
  • Hand Marks
    £14.95 Excl. VAT £17.94 Incl. VAT

    Hand Marks

    A set of six pairs of tactile rubber hands in six different colours. Stretch out to touch the hand pairs to encourage mo...
  • Foot Marks
    £12.95 Excl. VAT £15.54 Incl. VAT

    Foot Marks

    A set of six pairs of tactile rubber feet in six different colours. Follow the foot marks to encourage movement. Size...
  • Mini Moves
    £18.95 Excl. VAT £22.74 Incl. VAT

    Mini Moves

    Mini moves is a collection of eighteen movement cards that help to develop movement skills that are beneficial to childr...

Items 1 to 24 of 51 total

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